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Wisdom teeth

Wisdom teeth are molars which are the last adult teeth to develop in the mouth. Most people have four wisdom teeth at the back of the mouth — 1 in each corner.

They usually start to appear in gums in late teens, early twenties, but it can also be quite common to appear later. By this time, there are already 28 adult teeth in the mouth and so the development of wisdom teeth can often be impacted by restricted space, causing problems as they grow. Wisdom teeth can sometimes emerge at an angle or get stuck and only partially emerge. Teeth that grow through like this are known as impacted.

When to see a Kingsclere Dental Practice dentist

Impacted wisdom teeth don't always cause symptoms. However, when an impacted wisdom tooth becomes infected, damages other teeth or causes other dental problems, you may experience some of these signs or symptoms:

Red or swollen gums
Tender or bleeding gums
Jaw pain
Swelling around the jaw
Bad breath
An unpleasant taste in your mouth
Difficulty opening your mouth

As with any teeth problems, if you are experiencing any of these symptoms it's important to book an appointment at Kingsclere Dental Practice to see a dentist as soon as possible, rather than waiting for routine dental health review.

What can I do to help relieve the discomfort of wisdom teeth?

A mouthwash of medium-hot water with a teaspoonful of salt will help to reduce gum soreness and inflammation. Swish the salt water around the tooth, trying to get into the areas your toothbrush cannot reach. Do this several times a day.

An antibacterial mouthwash containing chlorhexidine can also reduce the inflammation. Pain-relieving tablets such as paracetamol or ibuprofen can also be useful in the short term, but talk to us at Kingsclere Dental Practice if the pain continues.

Why are wisdom teeth removed?

If your wisdom teeth are impacted but not causing any problems, you don't usually need to be remove them. This is because there's no proven benefit of doing this and it carries the risk of complications.

Sometimes, wisdom teeth that have become impacted or haven't fully broken through the surface of the gum can cause dental problems. Food and bacteria can get trapped around the edge of the wisdom teeth, causing a build-up of plaque, which can lead to several problems in the mouth:

  • Damage to other teeth. If the wisdom tooth pushes against the second molar, it may damage the second molar or increase the risk of infection in that area. This pressure can also cause problems with crowding of the other teeth or require orthodontic treatment to straighten other teeth.
  • Cysts. The wisdom tooth develops in a sac within the jawbone. The sac can fill with fluid, forming a cyst that can damage the jawbone, teeth and nerves.
  • Decay. Partially impacted wisdom teeth appear to be at higher risk of tooth decay than other teeth. This probably occurs because wisdom teeth are harder to clean and because food and bacteria get easily trapped between the gum and a partially erupted tooth.
  • Gum disease. The difficulty cleaning impacted, partially erupted wisdom teeth increases the risk of developing a painful, inflammatory gum disease in that area.

Many of these problems can be treated with antibiotics, antiseptic mouthwash and a good oral hygiene regime.

Wisdom teeth removal is very common, but usually only recommended when other treatments haven't worked.

How are wisdom teeth removed?

If your Kingsclere Dental Practice dentist recommends removing your wisdom teeth, they'll take an X-ray of your mouth to help them determine who should carry out the procedure. Your dentist may remove your wisdom teeth, or they may refer you to a specialist surgeon for hospital treatment.

Before the operation, we’ll fully explain the procedure to you.

A local anaesthetic injection is usually given to numb the area around the tooth. You'll feel some pressure just before the tooth is removed, as your dentist or oral surgeon needs to widen the tooth socket by rocking the tooth back and forth.

A small cut in the gum is sometimes necessary, and the tooth may need to be cut into smaller pieces before it's removed.

It takes anything from a few minutes to 20 minutes, or sometimes even longer, to remove a wisdom tooth.

After your wisdom teeth have been removed, you may have swelling and discomfort, both inside and outside your mouth. Occasionally, some mild bruising is also visible. This is usually improves after 3 days, but it can take up to 2 weeks. If this continues for longer, or progresses, please get in touch with the team at Kingsclere Dental Practice as soon as possible.


You can't keep an impaction from occurring but keeping your regular dental appointments for cleaning and reviews enables your dentist to monitor the growth and emergence of your wisdom teeth. Regularly updated dental X-rays may indicate impacted wisdom teeth before any symptoms develop.

If you have any concerns about your wisdom teeth, or are experiencing any pain, give us a call on 01420 82365.

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10th July 2024

As a patient who has had previous anxious & worrying experiences in childhood & later on in life I have received great understanding patient support plus detailed explanations of problems involved in the way forward

6th July 2024

Kingsclere make me feel safe and comfortable

5th July 2024

Nice fresh place, staff friendly and welcoming, knowledgeable and helpful

5th July 2024

I have always felt at ease whilst attending all my appointments.

3rd July 2024

I’m confident that Kingsclere will always make me feel comfortable and do a good job.

2nd July 2024

Good service. Relaxed atmosphere.

1st July 2024

All worked - no fuss

29th June 2024

Very satisfied with my dentist, very caring.

28th June 2024

Sam is a skilled and professional hygienist. Has a great manner and keeps you informed throughout the treatment

27th June 2024

Great, confident staff in all areas. I felt very relaxed about the whole appointment.

26th June 2024

Lovely team who really look after you and deliver a high level of care.

26th June 2024

Dentist v professional

25th June 2024

I've been a lifelong customer and continue to be. Receptionist was lovely. Hygienist removed my staining ergo my teeth are now white. Dentist was kind, empathetic and helpful. Dental nurses were lovely, too.

23rd June 2024

All I have ticked!

23rd June 2024

I have been a patient for many years at this practice and always been treated with respect

22nd June 2024

Efficient and friendly service. I am a nervous patient and was treated very well and put at ease.

21st June 2024

The friendliness of all the staff at Kingsclere.

20th June 2024

The whole team are very friendly and always more than happy to help. Sam is a fantastic clinician and made me feel very comfortable during my appointment.

20th June 2024

I cannot fault them in any way. They are thorough and gentle and always make sure I am happy with my treatment. They also explain what they are doing and why.

20th June 2024

All pleasant staff

20th June 2024

Friendly people and good service, I never have to spend that long in the 'waiting room' LOL!

15th June 2024

Always welcoming and very professional.

14th June 2024

Always a helpful team

13th June 2024

The staff and dentist are approachable and very professional

13th June 2024

It's down to the individuals that look after me. My dentist is wonderful, I have complete trust, and the the hygienist is very gentle and caring. The reception staff are fine. The building itself is a bit depressing, some money needs to be spent to smarten it up.

13th June 2024

The only thing wrong with the dental experience is the cost. 5 minutes with the dentist twice a year £39 every month. The hygienist is better value although it is expensive for basic hygiene.

12th June 2024

Extremely professional and friendly service

12th June 2024

Preet is very good. Team are friendly.

11th June 2024

I like my dentist.

11th June 2024

highly professional and helpfull set of people

9th June 2024

Friendly staff.Excellent dental work provided by Ben Matthews

8th June 2024

Punctual and very thorough

7th June 2024

Jay was both professional and truly caring in understanding my daughter’s needs. She was highly anxious and has a learning disability, Jay was simply amazing in his attitude and empathy in explaining and caring for her throughout her treatment. Thank you!

7th June 2024

All the staff are so patient, kind and help in any way they can.It is truly personal service, which I really appreciate.

7th June 2024

They are very good

7th June 2024

Friendly dentist - easy to change appointments when necessary

6th June 2024

I am so happy with this dental practise and feel very safe and secure and know that they are looking after my best interests.The reception team are truly lovely as well.

2nd June 2024

Very happy with service from reception and medical staff.

31st May 2024

The dentist explained everything in detail and answered all my questions.

30th May 2024

A bright welcoming reception with helpful staff. The dentist and hygienist were friendly and explained what was happening and listened to my questions. Thank you.

30th May 2024

I have always had a good experience, appointments are almost always on time, the people are great, efficient, polite and confident. I haven't had any tooth treatments since the change of ownership but feel confident any work would be done well. I use the denplan system so never have any nasty shocks to teh wallet. Overall i think the system and service have been very good and would recommend.

29th May 2024

All the points already covered in this survey. All the staff are very friendly and put you at your ease. All areas of the business were clean and tidy and gave a highly professional appearance.

29th May 2024

Very friendly staff, good communication, professional dentist who was patient with me when I was struggling with anxiety for my procedure.

25th May 2024

My density (Jay) is very caring

25th May 2024

I have never had any problems with this practice,never been rushed and have always been listened to.

21st May 2024

Welcoming atmosphere, proficient staff. The dental surgeon is very gentle

17th May 2024

Explanation of treatment

16th May 2024

Excellent patient care, answered all my questions

15th May 2024

I have had treatment at Kingsclere Dental Practice for many years. The Dentists & Hygenists have always treated me well. I am very comfortable & at ease whilst I'm there.

15th May 2024

They listen to your needs, always treat you with professionalism and care.

14th May 2024

The treatment was for a deep clean and I was made to feel relaxed abd treated with respect.

14th May 2024

Sam is an exceptional hygienist always explains what and why she is going to do something

11th May 2024

Friendly, easy to talk too, I felt very happy with everything.

10th May 2024

Very friendly but thoroughly professional staff

5th May 2024

I had an appointment with Kate (hygienist) first followed by my dental check up with Jay.All was good-as usual....such lovely people and also know their 'stuff'....

3rd May 2024

Nothing was wrong and dentist and staff wewre efficient and friendly

2nd May 2024

Dentist Preetpal Marjora is excellent. Friendly, sympathetic, considers your needs carefully, explains things well, technically expert (of course!!), recommends good follow-up plans

1st May 2024

In and out efficiently, quick over and done. No problems



Fantastic practice

30th April 2024

Caring efficient and friendly people

28th April 2024

Efficient and friendly - all staff very professional too

27th April 2024

Very understanding clinician. Explained all steps and outcomes

27th April 2024

I am usually able to get appointments when I need them and seen promptly for emergency appointments.

27th April 2024

Jay was fantastic he really listened to me! A paranoid stressed out patient and he completely put my mind at ease.

27th April 2024

I was very impressed by my dental clinician he was considerate, explained in detail what to expectThe only surprising unpleasantness was the taste of the etching material, my goodness it was vile!Otherwise a very relaxing efficient caring appointment

27th April 2024

Professional approach

26th April 2024

Demeanour of dentists with children

26th April 2024

Appointment on time all staff very friendly and explained procedures . Needed a filing during check up and was done straight away so no need to return

26th April 2024

My dentists is exemplary, he's kind, considerate and listens to you as an individual, I would highly recommend him to others, my husband also sees him and rates his care very highly.A very professional clinician without losing the kindness of being a compassionate human being.

26th April 2024

Friendly efficient service. They alway have time to listen to your needs and explain everything very clearly

25th April 2024

Excellent service from Jay and the team as always.

25th April 2024

Professional & Courteous.

25th April 2024

Competence of, and advice received from, hygienist and dentist. Courtesy of desk staff

24th April 2024

Very friendly service, very responsive to my needs, organised my appointment on the same day.

22nd April 2024

Ben as always was very professional and empathetic

21st April 2024

Jo the hygienist was great

21st April 2024

Friendly and professional experience had at Kingsclere.

20th April 2024

Considering that I needed an extraction - it was as good an experience as it could be!!

20th April 2024

All the staff are truly amazing. I couldn’t wish for a better Dental practice.

20th April 2024

Both the Hygenists and the Dentist that I see are friendly, professional and seemingly thorough in all that they do.

19th April 2024

High standards in all respects

19th April 2024

I always get a friendly but highly professional service

18th April 2024

Friendly reception, appointment on time, very efficient and friendly treatment, rapidly carried out with positive advice. Advance booking made for next visit.

18th April 2024

All lovely friendly people and excellent treatment

18th April 2024

There's no fuss and the treatment is good

17th April 2024

I always receive a professional service by both hygienist and dentist at this practice. Always a friendly welcome from the receptionists and practitioners at Kingsclere.

17th April 2024

Professional treatment

17th April 2024

I was seen on time. The hygenist was very nice and had good advise.

16th April 2024

The dentist took time to explain what my options were and answered any questions I had.

15th April 2024

My situation explained by a dentist who appeared to very compitent in what he was doing. Receptionist appeared to be friendly and helpful.

14th April 2024

Ben, the dentist and Sam, the hygienist are always courteous and professional. They àlways listen to my concerns and give me useful advice.

13th April 2024

Reception was warm and welcoming and that have a lovely waiting area. I was quickly called through for my appointment and was greeted by Sam who took me through, she explained everything to me and her nurse was really kind. Overall I would highly recommend the practice

12th April 2024

I attended with my 3 sons and saw Katy she was absolutely lovely and made them feel very calm my son is autistic and finds the dentist very stressful but it went very smoothly

11th April 2024

Professional and I felt I could totally trust my dentist. Explained everything and relaxed me.

11th April 2024

Professional and friendly

11th April 2024

Good professional approach

10th April 2024

Nice people who work there & in general a very nice practice

9th April 2024

Overall experience

6th April 2024

Good professional approach

30th March 2024

The team are friendly and professional. I’m not a fan of visiting the dentist however both the hygienist and dentist strive to put me at ease and ensure I understand what to expect

28th March 2024

Courtesy and caring nature of everyone I met. In particular my hygienist therapist and assistant; the fact that I not only was able to have my six monthly dental hygiene work carried out but also have a very recently broken tooth corrected with a filling was brilliant! I didn't realise that it could work like that! I thought I'd need to make more appointments - a proper revelation. Thank you Katy and Poppy.

27th March 2024

They are all so friendly and helpful. I actually feel relaxed at the dentist!Great team!

27th March 2024

Friendly relaxed atmosphere. All staff professional and helpful.


Jerry Janes

Kingsclere Dental Practice in Alton have never been anything than utterly helpful and satisfying to me. I would recommend them to anyone.

23rd March 2024

It’s the main dentist in the town, parking easy. Dentists very good

22nd March 2024

Very confident in our dentist

22nd March 2024

This is a bit like a written Deja Vue.I have always had the best treatment, and always done with care. The professionalism of ALL the staff stands out like a beacon.I also enjoy the 'banter' and gentle makes the place seem almost like home

21st March 2024

All went well and friendly, and competent, staff

21st March 2024

Professional, calm and friendly

17th March 2024

Everyone is helpful and courteous, pleasant atmosphere

15th March 2024

Extremely friendly reception and very good treatment.

14th March 2024

Kind and helpful staff. Easy to use service.

14th March 2024

Katy is just wonderful with my son. In just 2 visits, he has grown to really like her and be comfortable around her. She is a real credit to Kingsclere.

14th March 2024

I've been at Kingsclere for nearly 30 years and never had an issue. Recent dealings great too and both Hygienist & Dentist were great. Calm and gentle and always a great job. Whole practice is very friendly and welcoming too.

8th March 2024

Very understanding how I feeling and struggling with the treatment. Made adjustments in the treatment to make me feel comfortable. Checking on me all the time.

7th March 2024

Total confidence in my dentist who puts patients first

7th March 2024

Excellent service from Jay as always

7th March 2024

Friendly courteous and very professional

7th March 2024

Excellent practice great staff including clinical and reception . Always a pleasant experience

7th March 2024

The dentist Preetpal is amazing. He is so gentle you would hardly know he was doing anything.

7th March 2024

Very pleased with how Jay dealt with me and was very clear about what he was doing and why he was doing it with clear explanations and options moving forward without any pressure.

6th March 2024

the procedure was all explained to me as before it was started and the again as it was carried out so I know exactly what was happening and why.

5th March 2024

Friendly knowledgeable staff. I always feel that I’m in good hands with my allocated dentist.

5th March 2024

Great service with attention to detail and my own needs

5th March 2024

Courteous and friendly reception and treatment. The treatment was well explained and professionally carried out.

5th March 2024

Friendly and professional staff

5th March 2024

Lovely staff very helpful and they are great with Aa small kids. I really like it the clinic and I’m so happy that my son it’s a patient there

29th February 2024

It was a quick and efficient assessment of the nature of the problem and prompt treatment solution.

24th February 2024

Katy was fantastic dealing with my rather nervous and anxious son. She was very clear and told us exactly what she was going to do. He felt comfortable as she talked through what she was doing. I would highly recommend Kingsclere to other, staff are friendly and helpful. Personally, I think it’s a great dentist.

23rd February 2024

Lovely staff and short waits. Perfect for when I go with my kids, which I did this day. Also great for older patients like myself.

22nd February 2024

The reception treatment and care exceptional.Hygenist (Ithink name Sam brillliant credit to Practice.)Well done all.

21st February 2024

Dental hygienist was very professional at her job and explained everything she was doing

20th February 2024

Nice friendly staff, not anxious to be there

20th February 2024

Friendly staff, treatments explained well

17th February 2024

I needed to see a dentist for emergency treatment. I was able to be seen on the same day as I called in.

16th February 2024

The reception and dentist where highly professional

15th February 2024

Hygienist was extremely professional and helpful, explained all about what she would be doing during my visit , she explained how my gums had improved since my previous appointment and what I needed to do to improve it more.Appointment was slightly late starting by a few minutes but not a problem.Reception staff were very helpful too.

14th February 2024

All the staff are helpful and friendly.

13th February 2024

the dentist, Preetpal, is excellent. I take it as read that his clinical skills are first rate, but he also has a super friendly and helpful attitude, and explains things very well as he goes along. I was especially pleased with the way he selected the most appropriate and modestly costed treatment for my minor dental problem.

11th February 2024

Everyone at Kingsclere,from the reception staff to the dentist, hygienist and dental nurse's always make me feel like I'm their only patient. Nothing seems too much trouble.

10th February 2024

The dentist we saw was lovely and explained everything patiently. Many thanks.

9th February 2024

On time. Very friendly. Very professional

9th February 2024

Alway friendly and efficient They explain everything very well and always check I’m alright during treatments

8th February 2024

The lady that took my teeth out was so fond to make sure I was comfortable with what she was doing

8th February 2024

Professional and friendly

7th February 2024

Polite, professional service. Advice given. Clean and comfortable surroundings.

7th February 2024

All members of Kingsclere team have all been very good & professional.

7th February 2024

My treatment was as expected Also I had to cancel my previous appointment but found it easy to reschedule Thank you for a good experience

4th February 2024

Friendly staff Check up and hygiene appointments all good

3rd February 2024

No I can’t what works for me may not be applicable to other people’s

2nd February 2024

Efficient, caring team

2nd February 2024

I trust them to do a good job and not to do anything unnecessary.

1st February 2024

Clinical staff very friendly, approachable, knowlegeable and make you feel very comftable during reatment

31st January 2024

The whole team

30th January 2024

The reception staff are very polite and helpful. The clinical staff are knowledgeable, informative and friendly putting you at ease and making you feel comfortable.

27th January 2024

Ability to reschedule an appointment very quickly. The fact that my kids are under NHS treatment. All staff very friendly and professional. Building is very clean. My younger son has had a bad experience with a previous dentist but he is happy at Kingsclere. Thank you.

26th January 2024

Friendly welcome and nice environment

26th January 2024

Being a very nervous patient this was the first time I had needed treatment other than hygiene and check up. Ben was great, completed a simple treatment that was massive for me and really improved my dental fear. Set me at ease thank you

26th January 2024

Friendly, explain things in an understandable way

25th January 2024

Amazing dentist

25th January 2024

Preetpal Marjara my dentist is so amazing and kind. He is very understanding and helpful with my disabilities. I always like going to see him and would highly recommend him to all my family and friends.

25th January 2024

Very patient and good with Children who are nervous

24th January 2024

The receptionists are warm and amicable, they remember my name and are chatty ( within reason) I'm sure they put nervous patients at ease. I started with Kingsclere as a very nervous patient when Cliff Rush ran the place and his legacy has continued with all the staff. Ben my dentist is very patient as I have a very severe gag reflex but he always allows for this to get things done. His assistant is very quiet but is just as reassuring.

24th January 2024

Knowledgeable and friendly staff, a calm and pleasant environment.

24th January 2024

the overall efficiency of the practice and the high quality of the dental treatment

20th January 2024

Ben my dentist was excellent as always and I saw Kate hygiene appointment she was very good, listened to my issues and made me feel relaxed thank you

18th January 2024

Lovely friendly staff who were very professional and made me feel very at ease.

18th January 2024

Friendly, punctual and informative

17th January 2024

Both Sam and Jay are very good at their jobs. Very professional and reassuring. They both inspire confidence.

17th January 2024

The hygienist was very friendly and put me at ease straight away.

15th January 2024

Very good treatment I’m now seeing the same hygienist and dentist and to me that’s what counts

13th January 2024

They are efficient and friendly

11th January 2024

Very professional & friendly dental practice.

9th January 2024

I've always found the staff very friendly and helpful. The practice is clean, tidy and welcoming.

9th January 2024

The dentist is very friendly and puts the patient at ease

9th January 2024

Lovely dentist (Katy) who made sure to explain everything clearly to my daughter & me. She also took time to put my daughter at ease as she gets very nervous at the dentist

8th January 2024

Lovely dental practice.Receptionist is absolutely lovely and helpful.Dentist was very nice and calming when I had to have a filling which I was nervous about.Very happy with the service, although would like to find out about a payment plan.

8th January 2024

Courteous reminders in run up to appt to make sure attendance is confirmed (or indeed re-booked if not able) make planning simple; quick attention from arrival thru appt to checking out & booking next appointment; friendly, confident, pleasant.

7th January 2024

Ben really listens to you and always explains what he is going. He worked so hard on making my teeth look good. He takes away the fear of going to the dentists.

5th January 2024

I can highly recommend Kingsclere, as not only have the clinician’s been helpful and informative, the manager and all the other staff have just been so helpful, with not only myself but with my father when he has his appointments there too.

5th January 2024

The treatment was fully explained and completed as efficiently as possible.

4th January 2024

All clinicians are cheary polite professional and make me feel at ease and comfortable. I trust them completely and have only ever received gentle but excellent treatment.

3rd January 2024

Clinicians are very professional, understands one’s needs and act in one’s best interest. Practice is most welcoming

22nd December 2023

Appointment on time, dentist friendly and explained what she was doing well.

22nd December 2023

Everyone was amazing as always!

20th December 2023

Good experience with trusted dentist

20th December 2023

Appointment was earlier then booked , got a cancellation , which was great, having a chipped tooth .Dentist was wonderfull , very nice and welcoming x

20th December 2023

I have been a patient at Kingsclere for many years and never been disappointed at the treatment received. All the staff are friendly and professional. The atmosphere and overall cleanliness are excellent.

18th December 2023

Because they do not do anything that is not necessary .

17th December 2023

Dentists attention to detail and communication skills

15th December 2023

Good and polite staff, with professional clinicians

14th December 2023

All staff excellent . Hygienist very good

10th December 2023

From my first meeting with Cliff Rush many years ago I've always felt welcomed, reassured & respected. I have a strong gag reflex along with a fear of dentists due to dentists not listening to me in the past. All the staff present & past have listened, allowed me time to control my nerves and respected my fears. Add to that their warm and friendly attitude they make going to the dentist a positive experience rather than a necessary but fearful chore.

9th December 2023

The staff are welcoming, friendly and efficient.

7th December 2023

Always good service

6th December 2023

Very warm and welcoming reception, they were very helpful and were very polite. The hygienist and the nurse were very friendly and introduced them by name which was a nice touch and very personable and an amazing service

29th November 2023

Very thorough and explained every procedure along the way. Gave advice about improvements I should make. Answered my questions to my satisfaction.

29th November 2023

Everyone is always so welcoming and friendly, the practice is bright and clean. Preet always makes you feel comfortable and at ease during the appointment.

29th November 2023

The dentist, Pre, is Trustworthy and highly professional.

26th November 2023

The nursing staff are very helpful with the dentist being very professional

24th November 2023

The Reception staff were very pleasant. I had a very short wait upstairs before I was called in.As always Jay was welcoming, empathetic, efficient, calm. I always feel completely at ease with Jay and would strongly recommend him to anyone who is nervous or children.Following my check-up, I settled up at Reception and was on my way. A very good experience, thank you everyone.

24th November 2023

Polite and pleasant reception. No significant delay in in being attended to. Very professional attention from clinician

23rd November 2023

Very professional approach

23rd November 2023

Jay is a great dentist

22nd November 2023

Highly professional and caring staff who put patients at ease.

22nd November 2023

I have always felt at ease sitting in the dentist and hygienist chair.

21st November 2023

Availability of appointments, friendly staff, treatments, ability to get urgent treatment when needed.

20th November 2023

I always feel I am treated well and being given appropriate information.People treating me are always approachable and prepared to listen to help me in the best way they can.

18th November 2023

Ben is just A star. I’m a nervous patient and he always makes me feel comfortable and safe. I have and will continue to recommend Ben to friends and family.

18th November 2023

The atmosphere is pleasant, and procedures are often explained beforehand with varying options which makes you feel like you're in control.

17th November 2023

The attitude of both Ben & Sam. I have known them for some time and they always treat me with respect and professionalism. More than anything, I love their sense of humour. That may seem a strange reason for feeling at ease, but it's an important one for me.There was also a 'Stand-out' reason why the appointment yesterday was special. Both Sam & Ben commented on how I looked. Ben in particular was extremely complimentary considering that the last time I was at KIngsclere I didnn't know that I was close to being rushed to hospital and having just 12 hours to live. The fact they both remembered how I looked before & me now, having come through the heart scare I had, meant a lot to me. If they are like that with me, I know that they will and I'm sure do, treat all their patients with their special blend of care.It's that last word that sums it all up...they really do care.

17th November 2023

I have always found Ben to be an excellent dentist in every way!

17th November 2023

Friendly, efficient Reception staff. Offered ground floor appointment to accommodate my current mobility issues. Thorough examination from clincian, detailed feedback. All round good experience.

17th November 2023

no problams

15th November 2023

Fantastic service by both Sam (Hygienist) & Ben (Dentist). Both explained everything that they were doing & as I travel from NI to see them Ben even came up with how we can maximise my time for check ups/treatments in the future to work around my travel.

14th November 2023

All the staff were friendly, efficient and professional. Although my appointment was only for a check up was very well conducted

13th November 2023

I was seen on time and the people I saw were very helpful and friendly.

12th November 2023

The service and customer care was beyond my expectations. Such care and kindness throughout.

10th November 2023

Both the Hygienist and the Dentist (Jay) were friendly, efficient and professional

10th November 2023

I find all the staff at Kingsclere Dental practice always kind & helpful. It's nice to sit down when you arrive, then wait to be called. The tre3atment I received was a usual very good.

8th November 2023

ease of booking appointment, professionalism of the reception staff, the hygienist, cleanliness of the premises and surgery.

8th November 2023

Ben has been very understanding of the situation and his support is very much appreciated.

8th November 2023

Was very satisfied with my treatment.

7th November 2023

Everyone at Kingsclere Dental practice is welcoming, personable and exceptionally professional, as well as open and approachable. Always lovely going there. Nothing is ever too much trouble. They care.

4th November 2023

I was a very nervous patient before attending my first appointment at a dentist in nearly 20 years.... Kingsclere staff have taken this on board and - as if by some spooky dentistry magic - I am now confident and relaxed about going to the dentist. Sincere thanks to all the team from receptionists, dentists and hygienist.

4th November 2023

The staff are friendly and welcoming. My dentist is very caring and explains the procedures very well.

4th November 2023

No Comment

29th October 2023

I felt that during the whole process my needs were at the forefront of all decision making.

28th October 2023

Friendly professional service

28th October 2023

I felt comfortable all through my treatment and Michelle kept asking if I was okay That was very reassuring

27th October 2023

Reception welcoming, hygienist very helpful and gentle. Good advice given on oral care. Dentist friendly and his ongoing care has alleviated my anxiety.

27th October 2023

Having my fear of treatment acknowledged and being listened to and taken through the process with care.

26th October 2023

The professionalism and friendliness of the hygienist and dentist and their support team

25th October 2023

Sam is the best hygienist I have ever had.

25th October 2023

I have used this clinic when Mr. Charlton was the dentist and always found them very helpful. The clinic is very efficient and clean. The staff are always very polite and courteous. I hear others with their tales of woe about their dental practices, so I am very fortunate to be on their list.Archie Walker MBE

25th October 2023

Calm and efficient dental care.

25th October 2023

Friendly efficient service

20th October 2023

The dentist is excellent!

18th October 2023

The dentist - explains things clearly, manner is great with the patient. The practice is of a high calibre.

18th October 2023

We are delighted to be attending Kingsclere and appreciate the friendly and efficient care taken by everyone.

17th October 2023

I found that it was easy to get an appointment, the staff and the dental team are always friendly and helpful.

17th October 2023

Helpful efficient reception. Jay is an excellent dentist

15th October 2023

The staff are very friendly and caring. I am a nervous patient and have recently been waiting for hospitalTest results, they could t have been nicer.

12th October 2023

I had a chipped tooth requiring a filling. I was able to get an appointment very quickly and the follow up treatment was the next day. The staff were very helpful and I felt in good hands with the treatment which I was very pleased with.

12th October 2023

Explained the whole process and procedure thoroughly, dealt with me in a comfortable manner, made sure I was comfortable throughout the process.

11th October 2023

Everbybody id friendly and efficient

9th October 2023

All the dental people here are very helpful and nice very good with children and people that are worried about going make you at ease

8th October 2023

Good experience and ability to see the same dentist

7th October 2023

Reception were amazing and very welcoming. I had a very short wait before I was called in by the hygienist. Michelle was Amazon and I can’t recommend her enough. She spent a lot of time explain inf everything I needed to do to improve my oral hygiene and left feeling like she really cared rather then just another hygiene appointment in her day. Highly recommend Michelle

6th October 2023

Excellent care by the dentist.

6th October 2023

Welcome. I was listened to

30th September 2023

Efficient and professional, from the reception desk to the dentistry. Clear communication and support throughout the entire process.

30th September 2023

Hygienist and dentist listened to me, I was very happy with the service.

29th September 2023

Staff understanding very anxious patient but they make me feel at ease and comfortable

29th September 2023

Very friendly team, all staff members where very helpful.

29th September 2023

I have a bad gag reflex and both the hygienist and dentist are very good at explaining what the are doing and take their time with plenty of little breaks

28th September 2023

Friendly and understanding staff

28th September 2023

Very professional and caring team

27th September 2023

Friendly and professional approach from reception to dental treatment

23rd September 2023

Being listened to and treated gently as I am a nervous patient

23rd September 2023

Amazing staff

23rd September 2023

The whole team are always extremely good at their job and always friendly and welcoming

22nd September 2023

Relaxed atmosphere, Freindly staff.

16th September 2023

Jay is the best dentist I've had in 60 years

15th September 2023

Dentist was very attentive and explained exactly what was being done, and why.

15th September 2023

The Hygeinist performed the treatment in a friendly and profesionap way. I was kept informed of what was happening at all times. The Dental Nurse assisted in keeping my mouth free of excess water during the treatment.

12th September 2023

Just felt confident that I would be listened to and treated well.

5th September 2023

My dentist is superb! He makes the appointment very comfortable and is particularly nice. Explains everything really well.

3rd September 2023

The whole experience was stress free and calming. I felt the staff had my best interests at heart.

3rd September 2023

Good level of care

2nd September 2023

Kind friendly and professional

1st September 2023

Professional and friendly manner of all the staff at the practice

1st September 2023

The friendly attitude of the dentist

31st August 2023

Good treatment.

31st August 2023

The dental hygiene therapist, made my daughter worry less and took the time to make her feel comfortable, and took time to say what she was going to do and took the time to answer any questions my daughter asked

28th August 2023

I saw the hygienist on time and she was knowledgeable and efficient. Which meant I saw the dentist on time for a check up and a minor issue was dealt with at the same time. All very efficient

27th August 2023

The staff were kind and courteous and the clinician was outstanding

27th August 2023

Always friendly and helpful during any dental work

25th August 2023

Polite,friendly and professional people.

25th August 2023

Most reassuring by all staffand appreciate calming chats

25th August 2023

Jay was excellent - he took time to explain and was very helpful

24th August 2023

I have used Kingsclere for many years and have always been satisfied wit the treatment and advice given.It is in a convenient location andbeing able to park opposite in the Church car park.

19th August 2023

As usual, I found the whole experience pleasant, comfortable, and informative. All the staff, reception, hygienist, and dentist were friendly and efficient.I cannot speak too highly of this practice.

19th August 2023

Very caring dentist wanting to make sure everything was carried out expertly. Lovely nurse helped put me at ease.

22nd August 2023

Feel highly confident in treatment. As I’m someone who has a real fear of dental treatment this is very important. Was treated with respect and patience


Luisa Reynolds

Absolutely brilliant 1st experience here. Recommended by 2 friends and I can see why. Lovely reception team to welcome you and the dentist I saw Preetpal Marjara was fantastic. Took time to thoroughly examine my teeth and gums, took x-rays which he showed me and talked me through. I felt like a valued patient and the customer service was excellent. I'm so pleased, I'm moving my kids here as well. Can't recommend them highly enough. Worth mentioning I came to Kingsclere for a second opinion as My Dentist told me I needed 5 fillings and a tooth out which was completely unnecessary and therefore saved me nearly £1000 and a lot of discomfort.

13th August 2023


13th August 2023

I have been a patient with Kingsclere for over 20 years. Have always had great service. There has been some changes over recent years but feel they have been for the better. Feel the experience is always extremely good.

12th August 2023

The staff were very approachable and listened to what I had to say.I could recommend anyone to go there.

12th August 2023

highly satisfiewd with treatment

12th August 2023

Managed to book my son in for a sameDay emergency appointment. Highly recommend

11th August 2023

Personal connection with staff; their genuine interest and professionalism

6th August 2023

Respectful and informative staff, always giving full explanations when asked,

5th August 2023

Friendly, polite and tiely service

5th August 2023

Feel at ease and not rushed .Very understanding and gentle with my child explaining everything every step and what is being done. My child was completely relaxed and felt safe, he has autism and would find this very challenging to cope with .Due to the kind , calm and caring dentist this made it possible big thank you .

4th August 2023


3rd August 2023

Ben is all I can say. Not met any others. But it is only Ben that keeps me there as I don’t like big conglomerates

2nd August 2023

Efficient service. Detailed information and advice about treatment received. Very friendly, welcoming, interested professionals at reception, hygienists, dentist and dental nurse. Clean and welcoming surroundings.

2nd August 2023

Highly professional dentist . Gentle and knowledgeable.

2nd August 2023

The answer to this question is in the survey answers

1st August 2023

Katy is a brilliant Theripist and she was great with my girls. Where another dentist couldn’t see in their mouths. Katy was able to look in both of their mouths. And she my check-up to and cleaned my front teeth too.

1st August 2023

The appointment is on time staff are courteous and I receive good treatment

27th July 2023

Always feel safe, treatment not forced on you I have already recommended the surgery to friends

24th July 2023

Efficient and friendly service

21st July 2023

Clean. Tidy. Current staff friendly and capable.

21st July 2023

Friendliness and courtesy of everyone

20th July 2023

The staff and clinicians at the surgery are always so friendly, welcoming and helpful. Preet always makes me feel so welcome, has a laugh and always takes an interest in me and my day. He always lets me know what will happen next, I don’t see going to the dentist as a chore.

19th July 2023

Highlights: were offered a cup of tea for the 10 minute wait between appointment.Less good: Still finding ultrasonic cleaning uncomfortable in one area but improved from last visit. Suction a little uncomfortable at one stage but everyone very caring and cheerful.

16th July 2023

I have confidence in both my dentist and hygienist.

15th July 2023

Everything was explained to me, the clinicians were friendly, the surgeries were clean and well kitted out. I felt confident in the clinicians abilities.

15th July 2023

It was easy to make an appointment and everything ran on time. All staff members were chatty and friendly and made me feel at ease and listened to. I got all the information I needed and the staff went above and beyond what I expected of them.

14th July 2023

Never had a problem with the staff or treatment I have received here.

14th July 2023

Everything is both professional and friendly

14th July 2023

I cam to Cliff Rush as I had a phobia for dentists and had an extreme gag reflex. Cliff gained my confidence but I was concerned when he retired. Ben has taken over my dental care & has started to understand me so I can attend treatment, not yet to the level that Cliff did but that was a hard act to follow. Sam has taken over hygiene & is a lot better than the previous lady as she listens & understands my gag problem. The experience yesterday was almost pleasant. It also has to be said that the receptionists are always very helpful, eg yesterday, as the appt with Ben had to be moved to next week I got a bit confused about times on the 2 days, despite feeling a bit silly Denise the receptionist was very understanding & helpful. Great team

13th July 2023

Years of very good service. Staff are always very well skilled and able to answer any questions and you are never put under any pressure to take up expensive and unnecessary cosmetic work on your teeth.

13th July 2023

Very friendly and professional team

13th July 2023

Excellent care from my dentist.

12th July 2023

Very efficient and great care

11th July 2023

My treatment was very professional with the unexpected recementing of a crown handled very well. A thoroughly pleasant experience.

11th July 2023

Both dentist and hygienist are very efficient and friendly.

9th July 2023

I felt really comfortable in the place ,and with the staff

8th July 2023

Whenever I have an appointment at Kingsclere Dental practice I always feel confident that I will be treated well. All the staff & the dentists are really nice & friendly. We have been coming here for some years & will continue to book appointments.

8th July 2023

I was treated with great kindness and consideration, especially as I had not been to the dentist for some time

5th July 2023

My dentist was very thorough and did an excellent job on my filling.

5th July 2023

Very responsive to an emergency requirement from a non registered patient and excellent service on the day(s) visited

4th July 2023

The hygienist and orthodontist were friendly and polite. I’ve been a patient for many many years

3rd July 2023

Exceptionally Friendly and professional

2nd July 2023

Really friendly staff, knowledgeable and looked after me. Listened to me and my queries. For someone who isn’t keen on the dentist, they made me feel very comfortable.

1st July 2023

I was able to get an emergency appointment when my filling fell out. Following this appointment I was offered an other appointment to have filling replaced two hours later. All staff were extremely helpful and pleasant - I am going through chemo and a stress - less visit to the dentist makes all the difference.

28th June 2023

Great dental skill

28th June 2023

Promp polite excellent service

27th June 2023

Friendly professional service..She went beyond . After talking with a colleague. They put together the best care plan.I was already very happy , then more so.

23rd June 2023

Customer service

23rd June 2023

Thy did what they said

23rd June 2023

The Clinician - Preetpal Marjara - was excellent in all respects. Super attitude and focus on customer care and giving me great advice.

22nd June 2023

Have been at practice for nearly fifty years. And know how hard it is to take over a practice when I had same dentist for thirty years. Every one has been so kind and understanding and hope the dentist stay and not move on. Very happy with my dentist and the team thank you

21st June 2023

Preetpal was extremely understanding and kind. He eased my nerves and made me feel safe during the root canal procedure. He was very thorough, taking a lot of care. Couldn't have been better, thank you!

17th June 2023

great care ,and attention to detail,

16th June 2023

Practitioners are always professional, kind and helpful

16th June 2023

very efficient practice

16th June 2023

The service I received from Preet has been excellent. I can not fault his professionalism and clinical skills.I appreciated his flexibility to fit me in at short notice, his kindness and his patience! He is sn asset to the Practice.

27th May 2023

I was seen by a new dentist who was very courteous and on time and didn't look for anything to be done that didn't need doing!

27th May 2023

Rapid urgent appointment; helpful dentist

26th May 2023

Hygienist explained the treatment and was encouraging about the improvement in my hygiene

26th May 2023

The practice is presented as a highly professional unit which it is although costs are high the service given is highly satisfactory

25th May 2023

I am elderly & disabled. I was offered respect, courtesy and understanding. Everything was explained very well and I was highly satisfied. I will recommend this surgery anyone.

24th May 2023

wlooked after and treated with respect, a nervous patient/

24th May 2023

Great hygineist , very helpful and friendly receptionists, exceptional advise and treatment from the dentist. Was put at ease and everyone was very caring.

22nd May 2023

Ben is great. Other dentists you have had were not! Please keep him! The cost is far too high, though.

18th May 2023

Emergency appointment, got in within two hours, tooth was washed and cleaned, tooth saved!

18th May 2023

My Hygienist Sam, is always on time, she explains what she is going to very thoroughly and I trust her opinion and advice.

16th May 2023

Had such a warm welcome by the lovely ladies on reception. They were both very good at making me feel at ease for my appointment. My hygienist named Michelle came out and collected me personally and I thought that was really good and made me feel at ease from the start, Michelle was excellent all through my appointment. Explained everything she was going to do. I can’t recommend her enough for a hygiene appointment

14th May 2023

Fantastic services as always.Staff always helpful and friendly.

14th May 2023

The care and attention of my hygienist was excellent

13th May 2023

Huge thanks for looking after me when dental phobia suddenly hit. Much better experience than previous hygienist appointment.

11th May 2023

I think it is self explanatory from my answers.

10th May 2023

I explained the problem (broken filling or tooth) and it was promptly dealt with by Preet. He was very thorough and kind. Plus he took care to get it right.

6th May 2023

I am very happy with my treatment at Kingsclere Dental Practice. Have been coming for years now , always have good advice & treatment for my teeth. I was particularly grateful last year when a Crown fell out & my Dentist had another fitted on a plate with other false teeth. I was so pleased with it. Thank you.

5th May 2023

The Dental Hygienist was professional and efficient, as well as friendly. The Dentist was also completely professional and had a delightful manner

5th May 2023

I was treated with respect and the team was very professional and helpful.

4th May 2023

Dealt with promptly by reception on arrival and directed upstairs, had a joke with the receptionist as it had been moved since last time. Very friendly. Waited for a few minutes before my appointment and the dentist and nurse were both professional and friendly.Booked next appointment easily.All good.

4th May 2023

It was an emergency filling required and I got my appointment within two hours of phoning up!

3rd May 2023


3rd May 2023

I have always been highly satisfied during my time as a patient with the Kingsclere Dental Practice.....and OI have been a stalwart patient for many years now!Excellent service and the staff are all lovely.

29th April 2023

Hygienist was pleasant, considerate & informative so I knew what she was doing throughout.

29th April 2023

Arrived ten minutes before the appointment when the surgery was at lunch. Was allowed entry to sit down to avoid the cold and wet weather. Receptionist was polite and courteous. Similarly Ben, my dentist, who is always polite and cheerful introduced me to his nurse and explained the procedure and covered the alternatives to me before proceeding. Asked me to let him know should I fell any discomfort. Very pleased.

28th April 2023

Very tricky root canal work was completed satisfactorily

28th April 2023

All went well on this appointment

28th April 2023

The appointment was planned and all aspects executed well

28th April 2023

My visit and treatment received was equal or better than any previous visit to a dental practice. Perfect!

27th April 2023

I had everything explained and I felt completely safe and look after

27th April 2023

Highly professional, helpful, amazing service from all the staff, with special thanks to Ben

27th April 2023

Reception staff always polite and helpful, comfortable waiting area with magazines. Although I didn't see the hygienist at this appointment, the friendly and informative staff are usually very helpful My dentist too was his usual cheery self and always puts me at ease.

26th April 2023

The dentist took time to put us all at ease, and listened to our concerns

25th April 2023

Very friendly, no problems. Attended with young daughter, who also received a checkup. Dentist remembered details of her hobbies from last visit, making her feel comfortable. All round excellent service.

25th April 2023

The appointment was on time. The clinician discussed fully any problems I may have regarding my teeth/mouth. Checked my lymph nodes - I am a recovering NH lymphoma patient.

23rd April 2023

It was a regular check-up - everything went smoothly and there were no issues.

23rd April 2023

Rang in the morning and was fitting in the same day, the receptionist was very helpful and the clinician was very good at explaining everything and put my mine at ease, staff and clinician are nice and friendly.

21st April 2023

Jay the dentist and his nurse Josie were very professional and made me feel at ease as I am petrified of needles and very anxious. They explained everything that was going to happen during my appointment. They are both a credit to the practice.

19th April 2023

I was made to feel welcome and very much at ease, the dentist explained everything to me as he was carrying out the treatment and informed me of what will happen at my next appointment.

19th April 2023

The hygienist was new to me but she was extremely informative and checked that I was was happy with the procedure she was going to do. The dentist was also new to me, I was extremely happy with her advice and the examination and will be pleased to see her at my next appointment

18th April 2023

Reassuring as I am very nervous and had terrible experience when younger!

15th April 2023

The dentist explained everything to me

14th April 2023

The dentist I had booked with ( Senbagavalli Anbazhagan) was the first time I'd had an appointment with him. He was excellent, incredibly friendly and clear about what he was doing. The help from the nurse and reception team was also fantastic. 5 stars all round!

13th April 2023

Quick friendly

7th April 2023

Efficient, friendly, professional

7th April 2023

Discussed future treatment plans. Helpful and very clear.Follow up email received as promised.

7th April 2023

everything went to plan and was not a trauma

5th April 2023

Short notice appointment. Dentist is exceptionally good and he explains treatment well and works extremely efficiently.

3rd April 2023

Clinical staff friendly, approachable and knowledgeable.Reception staff friendly and efficient.

31st March 2023

Easy to reschedule this appointment after previous appointment cancelled by myself due to snow.Check in online easy.Appointment started on time and everything re the treatment was explained beforehand.After finished further explanation given to what needed to do ongoing at home.

30th March 2023

Dentist was very professional and kind

29th March 2023

Very calming atmosphere both with Hygienist & Dentist.

24th March 2023

The treatment was painless and effective. The hygienist explained exactly what she was going to do.

22nd March 2023

Friendly and professional

22nd March 2023

Everything ran smoothly. I arrived early for my appointment and I was seen earlier than I expected.The Dental Nurse was kind efficient and knowledgeable. The Dentist was polite and probably the most gentle Dentist I have ever had.He performed the filling quickly and efficiently. Both he and the Nurse were friendly and sociable.A very pleasant experience which says a great deal from someone who used to have a phobia about Dentist.

15th March 2023

I first went to the Hygienist, Sam, she is very professional and thoughtful.. I then had a check up with my dentist Preetpal Marjara. He is utterly fantastic and always very professional and extremely helpful. I can't praise him highly enough and the dental nurses that work with him. I really don't like going to the dentist but he has turned this around and he's fantastic. Very highly recommended him and thank him for everything he has done so far to help me.I am disabled and he goes òut of he way to make sure I am comfortable.

15th March 2023

I had a broken tooth. An appointment was made quickly as I had some pain. All solved at the practice.

15th March 2023

Pleasant and professional at all points of contact

11th March 2023

Friendly and professional staff.. love the upgrades , TV screens and music

11th March 2023

It all ran according to plan.

10th March 2023

Exceptional treatment


Aljay Pierre

Jay was really gentle, caring and attentive when he had a look at my son’s teeth. He explained to us the best ways to look after his teeth and what to do to prevent tooth decay. I highly recommend this practice. top quality dentist.

8th March 2023

Sam the hygienist always friendly, caring and professional in explaining what she's going to do, asking if I'm OK and being thorough and gentle with the treatment process. The dental assistant was also very polite, friendly and attentive.

7th March 2023

Very patient with my children and made them feel comfortable. Receptionists are always very helpful and very friendly

4th March 2023

warm, welcoming reception, especially Emma who made me feel very welcome. I was Escorted up to the waiting area where I waited for Dr Ben, Matthews and his nurse. The nurse called me in on time. dr Matthews was very welcome, and he listen to my concerns. we discussed my issues and put a plan into place. I was meant to feel very welcome overall 10 out of 10

4th March 2023

Very smooth and didn't have to wait to be seen

3rd March 2023

Friendly efficient service with skilled operatives. All procedures fully explained as I was being seen by both the hygienist and the dentist. Very welcoming friendly reception staff.

3rd March 2023

problem solved very quickly

3rd March 2023

Everything went very smoothly and with no drama - everyone was helpful, professional and polite as always.

3rd March 2023

Quick, efficient for an emergency appointment

1st March 2023

Sometimes one needs to see the dentist. They are always helpful.

1st March 2023

Ben was extremely patient with me, explained the procedure and made me feel more at ease. My filing looks 100x better! Really pleased

1st March 2023

In my experience, the practice is well organised, Reception staff are polite and responsive. Clinical staff are welcoming and have got to know me and my needs. The caring and skilled.

26th February 2023

I was received on time with great courtesy by the reception team, my hygienist came and invited me into her surgery in person and while there was treated with great consideration, given the fact I was suffering from hip pain which made lying horizontal a bit of a challenge. Similarly with my dentist, the dental nurse and dentist were both friendly, respectful, considerate and kind. I could not have asked for a more helpful team.

24th February 2023

As per my answers to your previous questions

23rd February 2023

Preet and his nurse were both very professional and I am very satisfied with the work done . However when phoning for an appointment my call was not answered it would be helpful to have a call back service

22nd February 2023

The dentist, hygienist and assistants were very helpful and pleasant. They explained everything in detail.

22nd February 2023

Everything went like clockwork. Nicely welcomed by the front desk staff, hygienist and assistant were first class, and dentist and nurse very calming. It's great to come out of a dentist's with a smile on your face!I just wish that dental help like this was available to many more people in England.

21st February 2023

Jaymal Kotecha is a credit to the practice.


Trevor Messenger

Excellent dentist and very good receptionist. Long time patient as myself really appreciate how good this practice is.

18th February 2023

Seen on time reception very friendly dentist explained everything well

17th February 2023

The dentist is professional, very gentle and efficient

17th February 2023

Nothing really to add, it was just spot on from start to finish with nice happy people

16th February 2023

Clinical staff very professional and friendly and explain treatment given and offered in detail

16th February 2023

My dentist and his assistant have been AMAZING during the whole process of an invisalign brace. Made me feel comfortable from day one. Fabulous!

16th February 2023

They were particularly helpful as I was running very late and they kindly accommodated usSo lovely to the kids and they enjoyed it

15th February 2023

Professional service

14th February 2023

Seen on time. Friendly dentist and nurse.

13th February 2023

Excellent service, all staff friendly and professional. Makes going to the dentist enjoyable!

11th February 2023

Friendly professional staff and efficient service. Very easy to book in for emergency treatment.

8th February 2023

Managed to repair tooth in one day

8th February 2023

The clinician decided to X-ray the tooth and having found the root was split she recommended it was extracted immediately thus I didn’t have to come back another day.

7th February 2023

Very well organised at reception. The waiting area is very clean.Hygienist very pleasant.Dentist and nurse very nice and make you feel comfortable.

6th February 2023


4th February 2023

Very understanding and supportive.

3rd February 2023

Preet was a very professional and engaging dentist ably assisted by Jelena, his nurse.

1st February 2023

The procedure was quick, painless and well explained from start to finish, I was made to feel comfortable with the dentist who was extremely knowledgeable and happy. I have no issues in going back anytime!

29th January 2023

I was seeing a new hygienist after years of being with my regular hygienist who is retiring. The new hygienist is excellent, she made me feel safe, was highly communicative, explaining everything that she was doing and was very gentle with the treatment

28th January 2023

Ben is an incredibly caring and considerate dentist. Works hard to put my mind at ease as a nervous patient. Always recommend him to friends and family.

27th January 2023

Shen explained the problem and possible treatments available And treatment of another condition

27th January 2023

Professional approach

27th January 2023

It was an emergency appointment scheduled the same day which I was grateful for. I felt the assessment of my toothache was thorough with a visual oral inspection and then x-rays.

26th January 2023

The hygienist, dentist and dental nurse were all very thorough and very good. I am able to discuss my dental issues with them.

20th January 2023

The treatment was explained in detail and was carried out very satisfactorily. The dentist was polite and careful.

20th January 2023

Everything fine, staff and dentist highly capable, friendly and helpful

16th January 2023

Clear explanation of procedure

14th January 2023

my previous appointment left me in excruciating pain and petrified to return. this appointment with a different dentist I was listened to, respected and was talked through everything. no pain at all for the same treatment I had previously!

13th January 2023

Since joining this practice i now attend regularly with ease despite a dental phobia. This is down to the attitude and care given by all staff that help me to feel safe

13th January 2023

Friendly, efficient, professional service.

11th January 2023

For all the reasons you have asked the questions

11th January 2023

All proceeded on time and as expected. Staff were professional and courteous.


Fran Coombes

I have been with Kingsclere for about 5 years now, the last year or so with Jay. I rang the Practice last week with a concern, and the Receptionist kindly gave me an emergency appointment yesterday. As always, Jay treated me with the utmost professionalism and compassion. I would also like to thank his Dental Nurse, Hasna, for her support. Many thanks.

10th January 2023

Jay is very professional, he listened to my concerns and was able to offer me a solution. He is also very caring and understanding. I am not nervous of coming to the dentist but would highly recommend him to anyone that was.

10th January 2023

All staff were polite and happy and the environment was calm and clean. The dentist and Hygienist explained what they were doing at all times and were very personable. The reception staff were very helpful and supportive.

8th January 2023

Good rapport with staff and all went well

7th January 2023

I was given an early emergency appointment due to toothache and was treated very professionally.

6th January 2023

Kingsclere provided the service I required with fuss.

6th January 2023

Quickly and accurately got to the root of the problem!

6th January 2023

The issue was dealt with speedily and effectively.

6th January 2023

Because all information was given to me and all treatment was done in a professional manner

5th January 2023

On time appointment, dentist friendly and approachable. Took time to carry out check up and explained comments and listened to answers to questions

5th January 2023

Professional , courteous and thorough treatment throughout

4th January 2023

Ben the dentist was amazing with my son, he has made coming to the dentist a great experience

30th December 2022

Everything explained in simple terms

23rd December 2022

I was treated with respect by all staff.Ben, my dentist, has a similar sense of humour as me, and while some might think that's not important, it is to me.I also loved the 'family orientated' decor of the treatment room.

23rd December 2022

Appointment on time. Staff friendly and helpful.

16th December 2022

Clinician was very thorough and gentle.

16th December 2022

when I saw the hygienist I was having bad back problems and she was extremely helpful and suggested I came back to finish treatment when my back was better. I was not charged. she was very sensitive and understanding to my problem

15th December 2022

Filling completed quickly and efficiently

15th December 2022

This was a routine check- up, and a replacement filling was discussed , the outcome of which I was happy with.

15th December 2022

very attentive service

14th December 2022

Met my expectations

12th December 2022

The clinician was very helpful and offered a few options to prevent future issues.My only issue with the appointment is that it only takes 10 mins and yet its £58.

11th December 2022

Always exceptionally friendly and professional.

10th December 2022

The whole operation was handled very smoothly and efficiently. The dentist was reassuring, informative and dealt with the extraction very proficiently. I couldn’t have felt more comfortable and secure.

10th December 2022

Efficient, everything explained, nice people

9th December 2022

Appointment time suited me, short wait was not a problem, dentist fixed my broken filling, everyone was very welcoming.

9th December 2022

Helpful and professional

9th December 2022

A very 'user's friendly dentist

9th December 2022

Have been attending the practice for the past 40 years . I know the staff & they know me but following new management I am still getting used to new receptionists.

7th December 2022

Because everything weny smoothly and in a professional and friendly manner.

6th December 2022

No delays, Appointment on time. Explained the treatment needed. Booking made for another appointment within the following week. Friendly staff. Clean environment. Covid precautions observed.

5th December 2022

It was about the same as last time

3rd December 2022

Everything was fine as it always is. Friendly and professional.

3rd December 2022

My treatment has been carried out by Ben .He was very friendly, kind and professional. The nurse was also kind and professional. In the past I have not always been satisfied with the treatment I have recieved but I now feel that I have found a practice and a dentist that I will continue to use.

2nd December 2022

Very efficient and timely.

1st December 2022

I was terrified by dentists until I was introduced to Cliff Rush. He helped me get over my fears without being condescending or dismissive about them so I slowly learnt to trust him. I have now had root canal work, teeth extraction, replacement teeth and been helped to cope with a very reactive gag reflex due to my experience in earlier life. I was concerned when Cliff retired but he explained to Ben what my problems were and Ben has been extremely helpful and understanding. Consequently I have recommended quite a few friends to make contact as the service is so good.

1st December 2022

Quick and efficient, zero pain, overall a positive experience (even tho it was a filling) Ben is great and nurses in training completely unobtrusive

26th November 2022

I was put at ease the treatment was explained fully, and was executed painlessly

24th November 2022

Friendly and very professional service

24th November 2022

Preet was very thorough, friendly and professional

24th November 2022

Super service and attention.Little more to say, except....thank you.

24th November 2022

I think the implementation of a £1.25 per minute charge for failing to appear at an appointment is extreme. Sometimes things in life are beyond our control and to be punished for them is unacceptable. Will patients be compensated to a similar degree if a dentist develops , for example, covid and is quite rightly unable to attend a clinic.

24th November 2022

Ben dealt with my problem efficiently & professionally.

24th November 2022

All personnel were very polite and helpful. Dentist Ben done a full examination of my teeth and took X-rays. He then pointed out the teeth which need liking after which may further attention in the future.

24th November 2022

A professional but friendly approach by the team.GENTLE and thorough treatment.

23rd November 2022

I am always nervous visiting the dentist but the clinician is first rate at putting me at ease and making allowance for a medical problem I have.

20th November 2022

The first time I had an appointment with the new Dentist, Jay. He was very professional, friendly, thoughtful and informative.

17th November 2022

I found I was highly satisfied with my experience. Jay and the nurse were polite and kind.I’m scared of the treatment that I may need, however Jay puts me at ease.

16th November 2022

The dentist listened to my concerns and gave reassuring attention and advice.No action necessary.

16th November 2022

Sam is always professional, capable, helpful and cheerful - just what you want with your hygeinist!I would also like a special mention for my new dentist Prabitha whom I saw for the first time at my previous check up. She was extremely professional and was able to sort out an existing problem that my previous dentist did not. I felt I was in very capable hands with Pabritha - fingers crossed I am able to keep her.

11th November 2022

I had a difficult extraction which seriously overran and no point did I ever perceive that it was problematical for the team. Senior expertise was consulted as required. The staff were very considerate and caring in their approach to the situation which must have had a knock on effect for other appointments. Thank you and well done.

9th November 2022

I arrived early, went straight in. Sam was efficient and lovely as usual

9th November 2022

Everything was friendly clean and very professional.

8th November 2022


6th November 2022

The prompt treatment following the loss of a filling. The treatment was explained to me.

4th November 2022

Everyone was extremely pleasant. Jaymal is very good at both listening, and explaining the best plan of action. Whilst I was in Waiting Area I also chatted to my Hygienist Lucy. Great staff interaction all round. The Reception team are also good on the phone as well as face to face. Nice atmosphere.

4th November 2022

Hygienist was very helpful, friendly and professional. Her treatment was painless and I felt she really looked after me.

4th November 2022

Sorted out my broken tooth

4th November 2022

Excellent experience from the receptionist to the dentist.

2nd November 2022

Waited very little time for appointment to begin and had my check up with the friendly dentist who explained everything. Appointment was carried out promptly and the dentist explained what I could do to help out my sensitive tooth. Easily booked up again for six months time.

1st November 2022

The whole process was very easy, all staff were very friendly and Preetpal was fantastic. Very gentle, reassuring, polite and knowledgeable. Really couldn't be happier!

28th October 2022

Ben was fantastic with my 5 year old son and is a credit to the practice. He put him at ease the entire time and also explained to me what to expect going forward

27th October 2022

The appointment was straightforward, the dentist very approachable and clear about his findings. The suggestion of a hygienist appointment is sensible and I was reassured about a partially erupted wisdom tooth.

22nd October 2022

I have been seeing Ben for about 10 years & trust him totally so will always go wherever he works. I know if he is involved then the service will be fabulous.

21st October 2022

It was very pleasant

20th October 2022

Because Sam who has been my dental hygienist for some time now is always exceptionally friendly and efficient and always explains in detail which procedure she is about to undertake.

20th October 2022

The dentist was very attentive, knowledgeable and showed valued experience when discussing my needs.

19th October 2022

The Hygenist was helpful and explained exactly what she was doing. She managed my anxiety excellently. it was a productive and easy process form start to finish

18th October 2022

Listened carefully to problem and offered quick and acceptable solution

15th October 2022

All staff are kind, polite & welcoming. The process of booking etc is easy and the dentist is informative and easy going.

15th October 2022

Everything was efficient and I was put at ease

14th October 2022

I find the whole team at Kingsclere Dental practice always friendly & welcoming and am pleased with the treatment I receive.

14th October 2022

Routine checkup went well as normal

13th October 2022

A lot of changes have happened recently and although I don’t think the surgeries are better in fact most are smaller but the new staff seem as lovely as the old staff. I think there may only be 1 old staff member left and she is the best. Well done Lucy, please don’t ever leave.

13th October 2022

Emergency treatment re filling. Everything perfect after treatment

12th October 2022

Ben, the dentist put my children at ease- chatty, knowledgeable and professional

12th October 2022

A totally painless experience due to previous care by my dentist and hygienist.

12th October 2022

The dentist was very polite and understood how scared I was. I felt no pain and was very satisfied.

11th October 2022

As someone who is very nervous of the dentist due to previous experience, from my very first visit I have been taken care of, my nervousness has been handled sensitively and with care, and the dental staff are so calming and put me at ease

9th October 2022

I received treatment for the tooth and antibiotics for the abscess. Also referred to Basingstoke for further treatment of the gum. All this happened the day after phoning the surgery.

8th October 2022

Dentist is v good with children and answers my parents. Not unrealistic when dealing with a toddler

8th October 2022

I have always been highly impressed by all the staff.The skills and patience the dental surgeons have… humour!

7th October 2022

Because they did what was necessary

6th October 2022

A straight forward checkup which was dealt with professionally and effectively.

6th October 2022

Dr Sen is very caring and tries to clarify my options for resolving my issues

5th October 2022

Everyt5hing went smoothly.

4th October 2022

Very attentive and friendly

30th September 2022

Treated quickly, kindly and professionally. Everyone was lovely.

30th September 2022

Always efficient and usually on time. Dentist is friendly and explains everything very well. Dental Hygienist is amazing

30th September 2022

I felt like I was being listened to. Everyone was very friendly.

30th September 2022

It was a friendly welcome and everything was fully explained to me.

29th September 2022

The moment I walked into the reception I was made welcome and able to relax. My hygienist and assistant were polite and talked me through the proceedure and kept me up to date in what they were doing.

28th September 2022

I am a very nervous patient and terrified of the dentist. He put me at ease and was lovely . I wish I had the money for him to do all the treatment I need but on a pension so this is not.possible.

26th September 2022

All the work was carried out professionally in a friendly atmosphere, Details of what was being done along with advice on brushing the new bridge where very helpful.Previously treatment by same dentist and hygienist made me even more confident

21st September 2022

Both hygienist and dentist were very friendly and professional and took care to understand the patients needs.

21st September 2022

Dentist imbues confidence in the patient, explaining in detail each step of the examination and potential future issues.

21st September 2022

Frendley and explained all treatment as it was given . Not rushed not long to wait to see dentist professional and reasuring

19th September 2022

Hygienist very professional and courteous, and interested in patient, and offered tea because of slight delay between her appointment and the check-up appointment.Dental surgeon inspires significant confidence.

17th September 2022

I just had a check-up and talked about further necessary treatment.

16th September 2022

Ben Is my dentist and he is extremely friendly and very easy to talk to and extremely helpfulAnd good advice aswell

14th September 2022

My dentist was I'll, I was quickly switched to another dentist who was excellent. He sorted my problem very quickly and was very professional. A bid thank you from me!!

13th September 2022

Jay was friendly and took time to establish a good rapport. He ensured that I was comfortable and explained what he was doing. He appeared knowledgeable and happy to answer questions.

10th September 2022

Always helpful,on time,clean,tidy.Staff are all brilliant from Dentist to Receptionists.

10th September 2022

Dentist was friendly, questioned how I was getting on following an issue brought up at my last check up. He also listened to a query I had at the end and explained his answer clearly whilst reassuring me it was normal and nothing to worry about

10th September 2022

Dentist amazing with our son who needed his first filling and explained and demonstrated what she was going to do to put him at ease

9th September 2022

Thank you all you appear to be getting things back on track.

9th September 2022

All good no problems thanks

8th September 2022

Great service and always feel like someone known when I visit

8th September 2022

I got what I needed in a short time frame and the outcome looks like it is being successful.

8th September 2022

Dentist was pleasant polite and efficient.Made me feel relaxed and comfortable

8th September 2022

Appointment was on time and I felt well looked after by the dentist, who was very thorough. Easily able to book my next appointment.

7th September 2022

Excellent treatment by dentist and ability to get a prompt appointment

7th September 2022

Very prompt, knowledgable and friendly staff

7th September 2022

Dentist is slow and calm and works with me around my anxiety.

6th September 2022

A straight forward check up with my dentist and his nurse

6th September 2022

appoinment went as expected

3rd September 2022

Continuing orthodontic treatment

1st September 2022

When arrived met by friendly reception staff and didn’t have to wait long before being called by the hygienist. The hygienist explained everything in detail and made sure I was happy throughout the session. Further appointments were made easily.

29th August 2022

Quickly seen, kind, friendly, sensitive staff. Dentist extremely respectful and gentle.

26th August 2022

My needs were met and the staff at the clinic were all great!

25th August 2022

Dentist (Preetpal) was fantastic, appointment was on time, everyone friendly.

24th August 2022

Everyone was very polite and nice and professional, I came with my two children and we all had a pleasant time. A lovely practice.

23rd August 2022

From start to finish exceptionally professional. Personable, friendly staff, that are accommodating and flexible in their approach. Would highly recommend.

20th August 2022

Appointment was on time. It wasn’t rushed. And, as always, the treatment by the clinicians was excellent

19th August 2022

Emergency appointment for a broken filling. Dentist explained everything and I was seen the same day I phoned. Very good service

17th August 2022

My dentist Preetpal Marjara and I am sorry to admit that I have forgotten my dental nurses name are so fantastic. They always make me so welcome and take the time to ask how I am and they are so caring and kind. I don't know what I would do without them. Please say a huge thank you so much to them for all the kindness that they show me each time I visit them.

16th August 2022

Everything went superbly well.

16th August 2022

All very efficient

14th August 2022

Overall very happy with the quality and service provided by Ben Matthews as my dentist. As always with dental treatment the pricing is rather excessive but other than that all was good !

13th August 2022

A professional and welcoming environment, clinicians were reassuring, respectful and good at what they did.

11th August 2022

Ben is excellent and always takes time to explain any feedback and always has a friendly chat. Both myself and my son are his patients.

10th August 2022

I was treated with care and attention.

10th August 2022

I went for a checkup appointment was on time. Dentist was v efficient and dental nurse friendly. However Receptionists v casual and compared with reception in the old set up must less professional


Don Crawford

After a two year break due to covid my wife, Annette, had an appointment with Preet. She found him very reassuring and friendly, Overall she was very impressed with his treatment

7th August 2022

Very prompt and procedure explained clearly. X ray checked procedure

5th August 2022

Very short wait time, lots of help from reception answering questions and fitting in my next appointment. Everything explained well and a plan set for future appointments

3rd August 2022

Sam is a credit to you. I am extremely nervous and at no time did I feel judged or rushed through the appointment. It’s my second appointment with her and she is really helping to build my confidence.

3rd August 2022

With previous dentists i have been a very nervous patient but this appointment I felt very relaxed .

30th July 2022

Always have great service

30th July 2022

I needed a filling. I got an appointment precisely when I wanted one. The treatment was completed successfully. What’s not totally highly successful?

29th July 2022

I had an appointment with the hygienist. She was excellent. She explained why she asked me certain questions and checked and cleaned my teeth very well. I was very satisfied by everything she did.

29th July 2022

TBO i always feel welcome and have never been disappointed with the service I’ve received. The recent modernisation has made an enormous difference whilst retaining that friendly family feel.

28th July 2022

Put me at ease

27th July 2022

Hygienist took lots of care with my autistic daughter- she was very aware of her sensory issues and took time to put her at ease.

26th July 2022

Had an emergency appointment to refit a veneer. Everyone from start to finish were lovely and so helpful to fit me in and get it sorted. I was seen the same afternoon that I phoned and was treated wonderfully. Thank you!

24th July 2022

I was listened too and everything was explained clearly

21st July 2022

Been explained the treatment fully and answered questions based on good knowledge

21st July 2022

Phoned that day and was given an appointment with my dentist who is professional and very gentle and competent.

20th July 2022

Because it was a very good service.

20th July 2022

Clinician has been extremely helpful, friendly, very caring & knowledgeable about the treatment I am undergoing. The reception team are also very professional and friendly too.

20th July 2022

Treatment was arranged promptly and delivered punctually and efficiently.

16th July 2022

I’m a nervous patient. My dentist always goes above and beyond to make me feel at ease. 2 fillings felt like a walk in the park because I knew I was in safe hands.

14th July 2022

Great patient care, excellent dentistry and treatment options that were well explained. Really impressed with how well listened to I felt and with the level of care receieved.

10th July 2022

My hygiene appointment with Sam was a very positive experience. She went out of her way to make sure I was comfortable and without discomfort or pain throughout my treatment. She was brilliant!

8th July 2022

Both hygienist and dentist showed excellent clinical skills and interpersonal skills. The dentist was very reassuring and calming during the extraction

8th July 2022

Everyone was cheerful, polite, put you naturally at ease , and there was no pressure

8th July 2022

Preetpal and lilianna always polite, helpful, take time to explain. Both have welcoming manner to put me at ease. Never feel rushed like I did with the previous dentist at the practice, who was polite but always late and rushing

8th July 2022

All went very well.

6th July 2022

Totally professional and caring environment and treatment. The staff were brilliant and everything was clearly explained. Well Done!

6th July 2022

They are alway friendly and helpful. The treatment I receive is always explained and they alway check I’m comfortable. They are just nice people

1st July 2022

Everything worked well and I had no problems

1st July 2022

All went to plan. Treatment quickly applied and most effectively.

1st July 2022

The reception staff were very friendly and professional, the dental nurse was also friendly and professional and the dentist was excellent very caring reassuring and gentle. Really puts you at ease and explains options and treatment very well.

1st July 2022

I phoned to make an emergency appointment due to a lose crown. They managed to fit me in at 09:00 refitted the crown made sure it was a good fit all within 25 mins

1st July 2022

From start to finish I was treated with warmth and friendly efficiency. The dental treatment was excellent.

1st July 2022

The treatment was efficient and effective and solved the problems I was suffer from. The hygienist was polite, helpful and very caring given that she knew I was an anxious patient.

1st July 2022

Knowledge and professionalism of everyone within the practice

26th June 2022

Professional, efficient, pleasant service

25th June 2022

Ben made me feel relaxed and comfortable during the appointment, the service was faultless.

24th June 2022

My dentist is great not only does he take a personal interest in your to make you feel comfortable he is so knowledgeable and helpful with any questions I ask. I’d definitely recommend him

23rd June 2022

Very friendly staff and great hygiene appointment. Did well Removing stains.

23rd June 2022

Ben Matthews was friendly, kind and explained everything about both girls' teeth and their future care very clearly so I felt very reassured

22nd June 2022

Everything went to plan

18th June 2022

If I was not satisfied I would go else whrtr

16th June 2022

New dentist to me and he was very nice and easy to talk to and very helpful.

15th June 2022

Great attention and care showed by Ben during my visit

15th June 2022

Dr Mathews was aware of my anxiety every time I saw him. He was so understanding and so professional during a difficult extraction. He was very reassuring and he ensured that I was pain free before he started the procedure. I didn’t even feel the injections. If d have had a dentist like Ben as a child and as I was older I would have had a completely different outlook on going to a dentist. I was always absolutely terrified but I won’t be any more. I can not fault the care and treatment that I received.This was from the moment I rang to register.. The team at Kingsclere Alton were friendly, welcoming and very reassuring.

15th June 2022

Everyone took a lot of time and care with my daughter for her first injections, a lovely team

15th June 2022

Although the check up was fairly quick, I felt confident with the technicians ability to explain what he was checking. I was also very pleased that routine X-rays were taken this time.

15th June 2022

i was very happy that my Dentist explained the treatment I could receive in the next few weeks.

11th June 2022

Jay explained what he was doing and gave a small amount of anaesthetic as it was possible he may pinch the gum. He was very thorough and reassuring.

9th June 2022

Sam was very professional and thorough. She also provided very good advice.

9th June 2022

I am phobic of the dentist and it was the first appointment I’ve ever had where I felt relaxed and had total confidence in the dental practitioner

3rd June 2022

everything went smoothly

31st May 2022

Time taken to explain what was happening. Careful and took time whilst treating me. Dental nurse also kind and patient.

31st May 2022

Courtesy and professionalism

29th May 2022

Dr Ben Matthews is an extremely likeable and pleasant man who gives one his full attention. Does not give the impression of being rushed and has time for a chat as well as discussing the problem. His nurse ably supports him.As a long time friend and patient of Dr Cliff Rush, I had considered leaving the practice when he retired but am content to remain as I am very happy with Dr Matthews.

26th May 2022

The treatment I received was highly satisfactory and the dental hygienist and her assistant were first class.Some small issues:My appointment was 12.15 and I wasn't seen till 12.25The reception area is very sterile (hopefully the newspapers can return shortly) and what about a nice painting on the wall behind reception at about 10 feet off the ground?The receptionists did not really engage with those waiting - if they weren't answering the telephone they were talking to each other. They always say you can learn a lot about the organisation from the reception you receive at reception

26th May 2022

Problems explained well.

26th May 2022

I am very afraid of visiting the dentist but my dentist does his absolute best to allay my fears expains everything and does not rush

26th May 2022

No fault found, although booking a hygienist is next to impossible.

25th May 2022

I was treated with professionalism and courtesy during my appointment.

25th May 2022

I have a phobia of the dentist and Sam was incredibly patient, understanding and empathetic. There was no judgement from either her or the nurse. They both made me feel comfortable and ensured that I was in control of the pace of treatment. They built my trust.

25th May 2022

Everything was good

20th May 2022

The Dentist was understanding and dealt with me efficiently

20th May 2022

Got the job done with no problems

20th May 2022

I like the fact that they say if it is not broke don't fix it.

19th May 2022

Friendly staff, on time appointment and no excess treatment pushed

19th May 2022

Throughout the appointment I was made to feel relaxed and cared for. I felt that Chen and her dental nurse had my best interest’s at heart.

18th May 2022

Invisalign treatment very well explained and opportunity to attend Invisalign clinic offered

18th May 2022

Very impressed by the competence of the dentist and his assistant.

16th May 2022

Very warm and welcoming staff at reception and kept me informed about the dentist’s timings, excellent service from start to finish, dentist put me at ease and the nurse was lovely

13th May 2022

All the staff were friendly and professional. There was no reason to not find the whole appointment a very good experience

13th May 2022

As someone with a highly reactive gag reflex & deep-seated anxiety of dentists from childhood bad memories I need time to relax, stay calm and have understanding with the gag reflex in particular. Cliff Rush gained my confidence & now Ben is doing the same as he and his nurse understand what I need.

13th May 2022

Ben's manner is exceptional. His customer service is above and beyond expectations. He's very personable and my boys love going to the dentist! They both comment on how nice Ben is. I wanted to extend my thanks and appreciation, so I was happy to receive your survey. I hope he gets this feedback.

12th May 2022

Efficient friendly staff.

12th May 2022

Professional, courteous, well explained treatment

11th May 2022

I have been very unhappy in the past but this appointment has been totally different. I am very happy with my new dentist, Ben. Today I had a hygienist appointment with Samantha. Past experiences have led me to dread hygienist appointments but she was brilliant. I cannot praise her highly enough as she explained everything, listened to my concerns and I found it very reassuring.

10th May 2022

Excellent service and fully explained treatment

8th May 2022

Sam, the hygienist was very patient with me and gentle

30th April 2022

Very friendly got the job done I don’t expect any more than people know what they are doing

29th April 2022

I was welcomed and treated with respect. Jay explained what he was doing and explained in great detail the options for a broken tooth. He made it easy for me to make my own decision.

29th April 2022

Appointment commenced on time and work took as long as predicted.This meant I was ready and knew what to expect.

27th April 2022

The whole team at Kingsclere Dental Practice are always friendly & helpful

26th April 2022

The dentist (Jay) was not able to treat me completely due to the abscess, but was able to prescribe antibiotics. He was very sympathetic and efficient.

26th April 2022

I changed my dentist and had a much better experience.

26th April 2022

On time very nice dentist hope he stays longer than the last two!

25th April 2022

Ben has a gentle manner when working in the mouth, some dentists can be rough, he is always pleasant and polite and it seems respectful to explain what procedures he is doing and why.

24th April 2022

I have a complex problem but it was dealt with efficiently, professionally and the clinician was very empathetic and put me at ease.

24th April 2022

First of all it was a Saturday morning appointment, which other dentist opens on a Saturday?Sam was amazing as usual. Very friendly, efficient and professional.

24th April 2022

I have been taken care of by this clinic for the last30 + years. I have no intention of going elsewhere.

22nd April 2022

Everything was checked in my mouth and recommendations were given for treatment for another condition that could have a secondary impact on my teeth.

21st April 2022

It was quite and clean and very friendly staff


Emma Browning

I have recently joined Kingclere dental practice as a private patient and I had extremely bad tooth ache, I call the practice and the reception were amazing, kind and very welcoming and I was offered an apt the same day and was prescribed some antibiotics. A week later I had a root canal treatment with Dr Mathews, and I can honestly say it was the most painless procedure I have had done at a dentist. I have recently move from an NHS practice to kingsclere and will not go back.

20th April 2022

Absolutely nothing to complain about

20th April 2022

I’ve never had any teeth extracted before and was pleasantly surprised with the the process. Dr Matthews was very calm and made me feel reassured

20th April 2022

Friendly staff, helpful information given by dentist

15th April 2022

My son is scared of needles but the dentist managed to reassure him when he was getting upset. He's autistic.

15th April 2022

Ben is highly professional & has a great patient manner. I have recommended his services to many friends.

13th April 2022

I had a painful gum and called in to make an appointment, the reception offered me an appointment a little bit late that morning with my own dentist

13th April 2022

Seen immediately on arrival. Very friendly staff. Felt informed by the dentist as the examination went along.

13th April 2022

I use the Practice because of Ben Matthews. If he wasn't there I would not use the practice as its not local & the customer service from Reception/Admin is poor.

10th April 2022

Friendly and easy to understand hygienist

8th April 2022

They looked after me, I arrived having an asthma attack due to the cold weather and the reception staff looked after me and a hygienist checked on me twice. They also moved my appointment downstairs without me asking.

8th April 2022

I felt the dentist was interested in my concerns and acted upon that with complete professionalism, efficiency, and understanding

8th April 2022

Can never fault Ben. Would be easier if you were able to book online

8th April 2022

They take time for you, I am afraid of dentist but they react positively to that.

7th April 2022

Professional care

6th April 2022

The dentist was brilliant! My front crown was always falling out. He decided to try something different and built me a new tooth! It looks great and I can now stop worrying about it. Well done Preet.

1st April 2022

Everyone was polite, friendly and smiled. You were not made to feel rushed.

30th March 2022

The dentist was able to treat a recent problem during the same appointment without having to schedule a further visit

30th March 2022

Fast and effective treatment. Excellent customer service.

29th March 2022

This was an emergency appointment and my wife was in great pain as well as really concerned about saving the remains of her tooth. It was dealt with extremely effectively, the tooth saved and the pain ended.

25th March 2022

Everything was highly professional and I felt very safe throughout.

24th March 2022

Polite staff, on time, easy to park, easy to access, clean facilities

24th March 2022

Dentist friendly, explains things well

24th March 2022

All staff adnin and clinicial were very friendly and professional and made me feel at ease

23rd March 2022

The dentist didn’t push anything unnecessary on me and explained everything clearly. When I expressed concern about an issue I had he went into detail about the probably cause and how to resolve it. He was also realistic with his recommendations and advice. On top of this he was also friendly and approachable, instantly putting me at ease.

23rd March 2022

Although it took a little while to actually schedule the appointment, everything else ran very smoothly. The dentist was very efficient and friendly and kept me informed throughout the treatment.

22nd March 2022

Almost painless. A lot of trouble taken. Was listened to.

18th March 2022

I was very happy with everything apart the fact that the dentist wasn’t able to do a permanent fix and I have to rebook to see my dentist

18th March 2022

I agave always been happy with the staff .

17th March 2022

Prompt attention, pleasant, helpful, carding.

17th March 2022

Highly efficient and understanding of my fear of treatment

16th March 2022

All staff very courteous. The hygienist in particular was very understanding when I had to have a break due to slight claustrophobia.

13th March 2022

Very friendly staff, well organised. Lovely reception who went out of her way to help.

12th March 2022

Lucy is very experienced and is committed to providing the best care for me.

11th March 2022

Seen on time and treatments explained with options. Friendly and efficient

11th March 2022

Apart from the difficulty of making an appointment by phone, the actual appointment was very satisfactory and I got the answer to the issue which took me there.

11th March 2022

The Dental Hygienist always does a very professional job and the dentist was understanding and took plenty of time to get to know me

11th March 2022

Best dental hygiene treatment I have ever experienced, very thorough.

10th March 2022

Friendly and very professional staff

9th March 2022

Jaymal Kotecha did my check up. Really nice guy and liked him very much; very informative re what he was looking for and doing.

9th March 2022

From the moment I walked in I felt comfortable, reception were very welcoming and my wait time was short, my dentist and nurse were very polite and knowledgeable, excellent service

9th March 2022

Everyone was polite and my dentist explained the situation with my teeth really clearly

8th March 2022

I had a very friendly and professional service all the staff were a delight to meet, I have been to this dentist many times and would not change anything.

8th March 2022

Jay was very personable and helpful and did what was necessary. no issues to complain about

8th March 2022

My original appointment had to be postponed (my choice due to work). However, I was offered a new date & time within the next 2 weeks and so very happy!I arrived early and my appointment started on time.Both the Dentist and Dental Nurse were very welcoming and professional. This was my first appointment with them and they were both very good. The Dentist explained everything as we went through the check up and we quickly built up a rapport. Although I find myself with yet another 'new' dentist, I do hope that this one will be staying for a few years!

6th March 2022

I thought the new dentist Jay was very friendly and professional and thorough and the hygienist Michelle was also very thorough and kind and made me feel at ease.

4th March 2022

This was an emergency appointment as part of a tooth had broken off a few days before. The reception team fitted me in and the dentist I saw put a temporary filling in until my next scheduled check up appointment on 29th March. It was the dentist’s first day at this practice but he was very confident and I had complete confidence in his work

3rd March 2022

Excellent and friendly staff.Knowledgable and friendly dentist, clear explanations. Made my 6 year old daughter feel very comfortable with the experience, and she actively enjoys visiting.

3rd March 2022

Given appointment fairly quickly

3rd March 2022

Receptionist was very helpful and friendly and my dentist Ben was excellent, very professional and explained everything he was doing to keep me calm

2nd March 2022

Very clean welcoming environment and well looked after for both appointments

27th February 2022

Very courteous and professional

27th February 2022

The hygienist and dentist listened to me and adjusted my treatment accordingly. They were caring and friendly throughout.

26th February 2022

I was highly satisfied because the Hygienist spent a lot of time cleaning my teeth and they felt great at the end of her work.

25th February 2022

Good to meet the dentist again. Always a good conversation with him.

25th February 2022

Thank you Ben very professional..

24th February 2022

Always have found the practice very helpful,courtesy staff and friendly.

24th February 2022

Being coming for over 30 years, first time since new owners took over. The fentist was wonderful and put me at ease

23rd February 2022

Great appointment from start to finish both the dentist and hygienist put me at my ease as I'm a nervous patient, didn't feel rushed and felt as thought I had been properly checked on both counts.Thank you

22nd February 2022

The dentist was polite, caring and considerate along with his dental nurse. I found all the reception staff polite and the centre was clean and tidy.

21st February 2022

Efficient and easy experience, friendly dentist, hygienist and reception team.


A Williams

I had an appointment with Michelle the dental hygienist today. She was very professional, friendly and welcoming. She did an excellent job of scaling and polishing my teeth and gave me some really good information on how to take care of my teeth and gums. Highly recommended practice will definitely be returning


Jack Robinson

Couldn't recommend enough! Ben and Ollie are a fantastic team. I actually enjoy going to the dentist here.


Tim Miller

Staff and dentists are very helpful and provide a great service.


Keith Bingham

I can only give Envisage the highest rating possible, it's deserved. The care given by all dental staff is excellent & they went out of their way to help me out recently when a chunk of enamel came away from one of my teeth. I was able to get the tooth repaired very quickly and it's this sort of Customer Care that makes Envisage stand out.& have enabled them to exceed my expectations.


Jon Le Roux

Very friendly. Great with kids. I was told that I needed to attend less - very impressive for a private service!!


Andy Martin

Staff/dentists are all very friendly. They take time to explain the options to you and answer any questions. I feel that I get a good level of care.


Sandra Day

Very professional, clean warm dental clinic. The dentist spent a lot of time explaining everything to me. I didn’t feel rushed at all. I left feeling very confident that he had done a thorough exam of my teeth and fully knew the problems and solutions.


Sue Hurdle

First time I have seen the lady dentist so lovely very caring both her and the nurse


Hels Palmer

Anyone who knows me well will know I have a bit of anxiety problem when it comes to dentist visits. Alike many others I’m sure, I know I am no exception. After meeting my dentist Ben Matthews at another practice in Guildford I knew when he moved on to Envisage Dental in Alton I had to follow. As did my family and my parents as they feel exactly the same. My previous dentist had absolutely no reassuring values he was condescending and would consistently quiz me on my diet and sugar intake. I am by no means squeaky clean in that department as I have a bit of a love affair with Coke Zero. So after meeting Ben I got on with him straight away, he took time to chat and reassured me and talk me through any procedure I needed. Being of a nervous disposition when it comes to dentistry, Ben throughout would encourage me to breathe... ridiculous as it sounds, I get so wound up that I hold my breath and get myself in a bit of a state most of the time. Ben and all the people I have met at Envisage Dental are a credit to the profession and that I have found is a rarity. If you’re after a dentist who can respect modern day living with a heart Envisage Dental is the place! You’re welcome!


hugh wallis

The Envisage staff are wonderful and extremely friendly. The treatment is excellent and you are in safe hands. I would recommend them to anyone


Julie Foster

Staff are very welcoming, my treatment was explained to me in a way that i could understand. Nothing was too much trouble, i would recommend this practice to those who want a bit more than just dental treatment. It's the full package! Thank you Clare for showing me how to do a google review, it's my first!


Vicki Etherton

Such a friendly and welcoming practice. I always have a positive experience when visiting and have recommended to my friends and family. Keep up the amazing work guys :)


Gareth Smy

I've had a great experience with the Envisage team so far (currently halfway through an invisalign treatment). Ben and the team make you feel right at home whilst providing a very high degree of professionalism.



I would highly recommend Envisage Dental Alton. I have been a customer for some time and the staff are highly professional. I would especially like to commend Clare and Vivienne who are the reception team for making me feel welcome and they always go over and above to ensure that the experience at Envisage Dental is special. Thank you and keep on smiling.


Tim Main

Whilst visiting the dentist is not naturally something one typically looks forward too !, I would not hesitate to recommend Bali and the team at Envisage in Alton. They are always welcoming, professional and Bali completed my dental treatment very efficiently, with a welcome smile, combined with authoritative knowledge and experience. Tim


Laura Rana

I had choosen to look at an alternative dentist as I had terrible anxiety at my local dentist and as I had started thinking about getting my teeth straightened I found Envisage Dental. Any dental work has always petrified me and even the thought of having a checkup sends me into meltdown but praise where praise is due... Ben Matthews, Naomi, Hannah and the team at Alton have made my visits so much easier. the reassurance and comfort provided is nothing less then perfect. They understood my anxieties, made me tea to settle my nerves and gave constant and thorough updates on what was happening and why which is so useful to a nervous patient like me. The Receptionist has also been a delight to deal with working around my work to fit me in and a very sweet lady. I personally cannot fault Ben as a dentist, the atmosphere is relaxed and friendly and I look forward to continuing my treatment with the Alton practice. I will be recommending this practice to all that I know.


Ashli Wilson

I couldn’t recommend Envisage enough - staff are always welcoming and friendly. The dentist is so reassuring and the memberships are perfect so I don’t end up with a big bill every 6 months!


James Lavender

Wonderful staff very efficient and reliable. Gentle and thorough thank you for looking after me


Andrew Sutherland

Very happy to use this practise. An extremely professional service from an excellent team of friendly and helpful staff.


Rebecca Male

Very welcoming and friendly atmosphere with very attentive and kind staff, it’s easy to find and in a convenient location so you park in the car park opposite and run some errands in the town centre after your appointment, I would recommend it.


Joe Male

Amazing job and very friendly dentists; recommend it.


Daljit Bains

Would strongly recommend Envisage clinics to anyone. Fabulous Team and have received excellent customer service at all times. They have highly trained Staff for everyone’s requirements. Superb!


Gurjit Kaur

Always make me feel relaxed and comfortable. Outstanding and by far the greatest around. Would highly recommend any Envisage clinic.


Jeremy Duggan

Just home from another stress free hygiene appointment with the lovely Naomi (I'm never quite sure if I've just been told off by Naomi or not..!) A convenient, welcoming, friendly, efficient dental practice with a great monthly payment scheme. Thank you Envisage Alton.


Paul Martin

Best ever , my dentist is Ben. He is so calm reassuring, informative and most importantly very positive. Could not recommend more highly.


Clare Tillin

Went to Ben and his team after suffering from bad teeth and they gave me back confidence in trusting a dentist. The work they did is fantastic. My husband also had a severe toothache over the weekend and they fitted him in the same day and he is also very happy with Ben and his team. Can’t thank you all enough. Thank u all again. We have also decided to take our younger children to this dentist as we both feel they will be looked after.


Jaz Johnson

After finding out about an Invisilign offer through a friend with Bali who was about to start offering the service I was very well informed and looked after from the offset. Due to time constraints I chose to start my treatment earlier with Ben so my smile would be ready for my wedding! He assured me as a nervous patient it can be done even with my complicated over crowding and took me on quickly. The reception staff are exceptionally polite and very welcoming. To the point when its time to go I want to stay and chat! The Nurse Laura has been a huge help and not minded when I've asked a garble of questions about the treatment and kept me in formed. She and Ben have a great manner when I'm sat in the chair and put me at ease. It's lovely coming back and the staff remember what we spoke about last time I was there! It really does make a difference. The building itself is always warm and has a great atmosphere. It really is a pleasure to get here even after an hr bus drive each way and they don't mind if I'm a bit too early and sit in the waiting room! I'm a third of the way through treatment now and can't wait for the results! A huge thank you to everyone who works here and they really should pat themselves on the back with all there fantastic work. A credit to the envisage company.


Ian Watts

I have just completed a course of treatment that has extended over several months to replace old crowns and a bridge. Several old fillings were also replaced. I was attended to by Bali in a most professional manner and following discussions a treatment scope was developed. This was split into several treatment plans starting with a whitening kit to enable a good colour match throughout. During the treatment Bali and her assistants have ensured that I was comfortable and well informed throughout and appointments were never rushed. I was impressed by the use of new technology in providing temporary crowns from moulds taken during the appointment. I am now the proud owner of a set of nice whitened teeth, so smiles all round and thanks to the staff at Envisage Dental including the receptionists for booking all the appointments and Naomi for the advice in keeping them in tip top shape.


Robert Simpson

I unfortunately lost a filling and been so close to Christmas I didn’t think I would been seen by anybody. They booked me in first thing and I ended up having two fillings. The service was great, all the staff are extremely friendly. I will be using this practice for all my dental work in the future. Thanks again for great service


Caroline Wallis

I am happy with my recent treatment with Ben. He dealt with everything calmly kindly and professionally. I am happy to recommend envisage dental alton.


Jane Freeman-Hunt

A really friendly and professional service. Lovely people


Melanie Momber

Had a problem with a lost filling - I got an appointment within 24 hours. Very helpful and lovely people at Envisage - they made my appointment a very positive experience. I would recommend them to anyone who is nervous about "going to the dentist".


Ben Cummins

Brilliant team, service and professionalism


Helen Martin mm

Envisage Dental's goal is to be "the most loved private dentist around" and I can honestly say they have absolutely hit the nail on the head. I have never had such a happy and positive experience. I arrived terrified, incredibly nervous and hugely lacking in confidence and doing everything I could to hide my mouth. Every single member of staff without exception put me at ease, was kind and genuine, just astonishingly lovely people. My dentist, Ben, cut through all the technical terminology to make a treatment simple to understand but most of all effective. Within 48 hours of my first appointment he had provided a solution that gave me my smile for the first time in 16 years and the confidence that the ultimate result was also simple & achievable. I was utterly overwhelmed by the kindness, positivity and professionalism of Ben and his team. I burst into tears on the spot, I never knew I could look this way (and this is just the temporary fix!!). I am moving my entire family to this practice. Thank you Ben and Envisage, you are going to shake up the dental world if my experience is anything to go by and I am certain it is the same experience felt by all the other patients who come through your doors as you are all so genuine. Thank you, thank you. The only reason my mouth hurts now is simply from smiling this much!!! Didn't know it felt this good. You've changed my life.


Clive Hutton

I have been with this practice for over 15 years, and cannot praise them highly enough. I cannot praise them highly enough.


clare joanna

Lovely team, great service, fab new makeover in the practice !


Max Igwe

great, friendly service. runs evening and weekend clinics which is ideal for me

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